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The Condors are now in winter mode!

Autumn and winter

The Tuesday and Thursday rides will begin to drop off once the clocks change, and although some of the hardiest club members will carry on riding through the dark nights, many will be indoors spinning or doing yoga. 

Read more about winter riding with the club and what you need to make you and your bike ready. You'll need good lights to be seen, mudguards so that your fellow riders don't get a mouthful of road dirt, and the right gear to keep you warm. There are lots of recommendations in the members area.

Tuesdays and Thursdays

If you plan to ride on Tuesdays and Thursdays, look out for the "Pink Post" on the Condors Facebook Group - search #pinkpost if you can't see it. These rides are not suitable for newbies as it is difficult and risky to teach group riding skills in the dark.

Because there are fewer riders out (often only a single social group) and because smaller groups are preferred in the dark for safety, please let the ride leader know if you plan to join. Rides usually depart from Beeline Bicycles on Cowley Road but on colder, wetter nights you may find leaders preferring to start at Rick's Cafe also on Cowley Road.

We encourage all riders to ensure they know that day's route - and download it to a Garmin or equivalent if they have one. 

Weekend rides

These continue as usual - there isn't an organised ride, but there are many people riding and lots of opportunities to get out on your bike with fellow Condors. The Pink Post is the way to see who's planning a ride - or to suggest a ride and see who wants to join.

Spring and summer

During the Spring and Summer months there are regular club rides every Tuesday and Thursday, as well as weekend rides. These usually depart from Beeline Bicycles, Cowley Road, and are organised under a "Pink Post" on the Condors Facebook Group. You can search the group using #pinkpost to find this.

We encourage all riders to ensure they know that day's route - and download it to a Garmin or equivalent if they have one.

There will usually be a mix of different rides, depending on who is leading. Ride speeds are an average - it will be quicker on the flat and slower on the hills. As a general quide there will usually be:

Social Ride - Tues, Thurs 

13-14 mph or 15-16 mph, perfect for those new to group riding and comfortable covering 25-30 miles without a break, or experienced riders looking for a relaxed spin.  

Please note that we have a rota with dedicated social ride leaders for Tuesday evenings. Social-pace rides may go out on Thursday, but are not guaranteed, so if there isn't a leader there won't be a ride. New or less experienced riders should therefore come on Tuesdays until they're comfortable. 

Medium Ride - Tues, Thurs

16-17 mph or 17-18 mph for those wanting something quicker, or who want to build up towards a development ride.

Development Ride - Tues

19-20 mph but probably faster on the flat. As well as being a quicker ride, this is about skills practice and will often involve a "through and off" rolling chaingang. The group stays together until the last few miles when the pace may pick up and it starts to drop riders. It usually follows the screamer ride, and acts as a sweeper for dropped riders.

The Screamer - Tues

22/23 mph + this is aimed at the strongest riders, often those training to race. It goes at the pace of the fastest riders, and will start to drop riders early on. Warning! This ride is about skills not just speed, and is only suitable for riders well drilled in group riding technique. If in doubt, please ask!

Weekend rides

New for 2018 are rider leader led Saturday Social rides departing Beeline at 9.30am. These rides will follow the same format as Tuesday social rides and will be an average pace of 13-14mph or 15-16mph.

Also, we're delighted every 4th Saturday morning of the month will see a Women's Ride departing Beeline. Check out the #pinkpost or search #women within our Facebook Group for more details.

The weekends see many ride groups heading out, ranging from gentle café spins to fast race training rides, and most things in between! The nature of the ride is dependent on who is leading so keep your eye out for the #pinkposts.

New riders - come and Meet the Condors

Non-Condors are welcome to come and try up to three rides for free - we hope you'll be hooked after the first one!  If you're feeling a bit nervous about your first group ride, we've written something just for you

We run 'Meet the Condors' rides once a month during the summer, usually covering 30 miles at the weekend with a cafe stop half way around. Hybrids are welcome on this ride if you are thinking about upgrading to a road bike and want to try us out for size first! Check our facebook group to see if we have one coming up.

If you can't make one of these rides, then come along to a Tuesday social ride during the summer where there will be more ride leader support. We prefer new riders not to come along on Thursdays evenings, because we can't ensure that there will be ride leaders available, and want to make sure our hard working social ride leaders get the chance to take a faster ride if they want to.

Club rides with the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club

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Bike Oxford
Green Oak
Peloton Espresso
Broken Spoke
Custom Cycle Coaching
White Chilli Creative Studio

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