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Silverstone 2016 update - Condors enter second women's team!

Condors bag an extra team for the women!

Cowley Road Condors are extremely pleased to confirm we've been allowed to enter a fourth team for Silverstone, and as originally planned this will be a second women's team. This means we will have two men's and two women's teams representing the club at this fantastic time trial event organised by Bicester Millenium CC. This is a really important milestone for the club as we move closer towards 50:50 male/female membership within the club and help change people's perceptions of what cycling clubs are like.

Friday 10th June, start times are:
19:19 Women's A
19:20 Women's B
19:21 Men's A
19:22 Men's B

The full line up is currently as follows, though there may be last minute changes if people become injured etc.

Men's A

Andy Wilde, Arran Curran, Jamie Kirby, Jonny Revis, Mike Devaney (C), Nick Sanderson, Rob Freshwater, Tim Jones, plus one other - still be be finalised

Mike Devaney didn't get his quote to us on time, so we had to imagine what he would have said.
Our main goal is to bring some serious watts and deliver a solid, smooth smashfest. Last year the Men's A team got round in 24:01. Let's see if we can beat that.
On the day I'm most looking forward to ripping everyone's legs off while calling them fatties - I might even video this. Don't cry.
I love riding with the club because everyone was fully supportive when I went vegan for a while.

Men's B

Ben Jack, Berwyn Jones (C), Chris Jones (2iC), David Holland, Jamie Clarke, Jon Harle, Mark Glendinning, Ollie Jaques, Stephen Johnson

Berwyn Jones had these words of Welsh wisdom to share:
Our main goal is to beat the Men's A team at the 'boat race' later in the evening. Our secondary goal is to put in a competitive time on the track and hopefully beat a few of the other B teams.
On the day I'm most looking forward to seeing everyone giving it all for the team - pushing themselves further than they ever thought they could go.
I love riding with the club because... it's such a weird and wonderful group of people - definitely the friendliest bunch of folk I've come across :)

Women's A-mazing

Aimee Fenwick, Caz Kinash, Cathy Naylor, Heather Lang, Helena Coker (C), Josie Eade, Kristen Lovelock, Tyra Rivkin, Vivien Hanson (2iC)

Teenage lookalike Helena Coker had this to say:
I’m so honoured to captain a team of such strong and experienced riders, especially when I’m a newbie to racing.
Our aim is to smash it…but we can only do this by respecting each other’s’ abilities and listening carefully. I’d like us to stick together as a nine for as long as possible and use calm and clear communication to keep the pace steady. After Silverstone, I really hope that the team will race together at other events.
On the day I am most looking forward to to pulling on a Condors’ jersey for the first time! This club has been brilliant for me and my development as a cyclist. I particularly appreciate the support for the women from the men, both on and off the road. I have never felt discouraged from joining a ride and that can be the make or break for a newbie.

Women's B-rilliant

Al Bell, Becci Curtis, Cheryl Reid (C), Fi Walton, Fuz Dudhwala, Jacqueline Robbins, Kat Young (2iC), Kirsty Tizzard, Sarah Clarke

El Presidente Cheryl Reid had this to say:
Our main goal is to showcase what the Condors do best - being friendly and inclusive. This means our aim is to get all 9 riders over the line together. To achieve this we will need to push ourselves and work hard as a team but I'm confident we can do it. KT9U! #teamfriendly
I'm most looking forward to the giant pissup afterwards
I love riding with the club because I've found a safe outlet for my colour co-ordination OCD

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