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Condor success at Tour of Cambridgeshire! Featured

The Condors put on an impressive display at the 2018 Tour of Cambridgeshire, showing how competitive we are across the gender and age groups!

Congratulations to our ladies, Kristen Lovelock, Katie Greves, Aimee Jones and Mimi Harrison (pictured) for taking home gold in the 4up TTT competition! A brilliantly victory and another sign that hard work pays off. Along with their medals the winners were also presented with a case of non-alcoholic beer - chapeau!


Photo Credit: Chris Jones

Kristen Lovelock also came 2nd in the 80 mile road race, while Mimi Harrison claimed 4th place. Given that both of them had competed in 4up TTT the day before, in addition to the individual TT, this is an outstanding achievement.

We're just as proud of the men who battled fiercely to qualify in each of their age group categories! Simply great performances all-round.

Photo Credit: Aimee Jones

Here's a list of racers and the time gap they finished behind the winner of their age category. (Thanks Dave Dyer for providing the times!)

Kristen Lovelock 0:00.15
Mimi Harrison 0:03
Will Peppertron 0:03
Dave Dyer 2:44
Paul Boden 6:13
Chris Jones 7:47
Mark Monster Munch Glendinning 10:29
Ludovic Phalippou 20:38 (mechanicals)
Philip Ross 20:48 (summer cold)
Sean Churchill 40:45 (crash, fractured finger, don't worry he's okay)

Last modified on June 21, 2018
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