Time trialling with the Cowley Road Condors Cycling Club

Time Trial

What is a Time Trial?

Time trials are a fantastic way to get into competitive cycling and a great way to challenge yourself and measure your own progress as a cyclist.   Time trials are the purest form of cycling racing, you simply ride a set distance as quickly as possible.  Riders are started at intervals and must not assist each other, so it's just you versus the clock!

All you need to enter a time trial is a bike and a helmet.  If you get the bug you may soon find yourself lusting after a specialist time trial bike, skin suit and pointy helmet, but there's absolutely no need for anything like that.  You may even find yourself hanging your time trial bike on your living room wall like one of the other Condors...

Condors Club Time Trials

It couldn't be easier to try your first time trial.  The Condors has it's own TT secretary with events every month during the summer, along with the end of season hill climb competition! You can find all the details of these events on our club calendar and see the results of this year's league.

Closed Circuit Time Trials at Weston on the Green

Our friends at Bicester Millenium Cycling Club run time trials on a closed circuit at Weston-on-the-Green airfield most Tuesdays throughout the summer.  Closed circuit TTs are great as there are no cars to worry about.

You'll normally find there's already a Condor participating, and if there isn't you'll have no problem persuading one to come and join you and show you the ropes - there's always somebody up for a time trial!

Other Local and National Events

Time trials in the UK are mostly governed by Cycling Time Trials (CTT).  The Condors are a fully CTT affiliated club, meaning Condors members can participate in all CTT events.

There are a huge number of events throughout the UK and we are particularly fortunate to have a thriving local time trialling scene, including the Oxfordshire Time Trial League organised by our friends at Oxonians. Some events particularly Open TT’s will require online sign up in advance of the event. Online sign up together with a full list of events for the year can be found here.

Team Time Trials (TTTs)

If you prefer to share your pain then team time trials may be the discipline for you.  Riding nose to tail at speed takes a bit of practice, but once you have the knack it's enormously satisfying to take on a time trial as part of a team.  Teams can be two, four or even nine people depending on the event.

The highlight of the local team time trialling calender is the 9up TTT hosted by Bicester Millenium Cycling Club on the Silverstone Formula One Grand Prix course.  This is an amazing event with 600 riders participating. 

To date, the Condors have participated every year with the women’s team finishing third in 2016.

Below are video highlights of the men's A team practising at Weston on the Green, 24 May 2016.

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